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GeoServ, Inc. is a veteran owned small business that specializes in construction, engineering, and logtistics. GeoServ, Inc. completes a wide range of projects and tends to focus on issues related to landform, rock, and soil stability, groundwater, water quality and quantity, and geological risks.



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GeoServ, Inc. provides services for NAICS 541611 and provides operating advice and assistance to tribal, private, and government organizations on administrative and technical issues. These services to include records management for industrial, power generation, and infrastructure sites, strategic and organizational planning for construction projects, and site selection for land restoration, development, and management. GeoServ, Inc. provides general management for a full range of administrative; environmental and permit processes, physical distribution of construction and drilling materials, and logistics for construction and drilling. GeoServ, Inc. provides services for NAICS 541330, 541690, 541380, and 237990 to include: mapping and surveying; sampling and monitoring; rock, soil, and water investigation; site investigation; risk analysis; civil and geotechnical design; construction inspection and management; industrial and construction storm water management (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan); and environmental site assessment.

information and advice

on Risk Management

Rock, Soil, water investigation

Here at GeoServ, Inc. we have developed many long lasting relationships throughout the western U.S., ensuring that all your needs are met with only the highest of standards. GeoServ, Inc. can complete geotechnical drilling...

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GeoServ, Inc. specializes in site investigation, design, and construction uses a variety of methods for simple and complex projects. GeoServ, Inc. works on a wide variety of construction projects and commonly participates in design build projects...

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GGeoServ, Inc. has experience working for the private and public sectors on a wide range of projects for road/building construction, vegetation management, wildland fire, hydro-power, erosion and storm water control, and watershed restoration/channel restoration on lands managed by...

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